Calissi Farms

Calissi Farms

From its beginnings as an apple and cherry orchard in 1949, Calissi Farms has grown to be a nursery supplier to commercial orchardists and grape growers in the Okanagan Valley.  Calissi Farms remains a family operation, where third and fourth generation members operate the nursery.  We always remain innovative, searching for and testing new plant material, to ensure our customers are able to remain competitive.

As a rootstock supplier, Calissi Farms imports Oregon Certified plants to ensure nurseries start off with the cleanest and true to type material available.  We supply a wide range of apple, cherry, pear and stone fruit rootstocks.  We also source virus certified tissue culture Gisela rootstock from a local nursery in West Kelowna.

All of our grapevines are sourced from Knights Grapevine Nursery in Northern California.  Knights produces superior quality vines.  The company is a leader in “Every Vine Tested” protocol. This process ensures that the cleanest vine material is made available to customers. In addition, Knights offers a wide range of clones and rootstock combinations for premium cool climate viticulture production.

We provide finished fruit trees to our customers, producing the product on our farm.  Our customers have commented on our quality and we are proud of the crafted trees we produce.   Many of our producers work with us as we are able to custom grow trees for their needs.  We are licensed to grow trees that bare royalties, to ensure our customers receive the newest variety and rootstock technology.

In 2010 Calissi Farms signed an agreement with the University of Guelph to commercialize cherry varieties developed in Ontario.  We work with nurseries and fruit companies worldwide on this project.

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