Apple Rootstocks

We offer a complete line of apple rootstock, ranging from B9 to Standard Seedling.
B9 rootstock are 10% smaller than M9 rootstock.  They are resistant to Fire Blight and are as productive as M9 rootstock.  B9 is concidered to be more winter hardy than M9. 
M9 is the standard dwarfing rootstock used world wide.  The T337 clone is the industry standard.  EMLA 9 is 5% larger than the T337 and the Nic 29 and Pajam 2 clones are 10% larger than the T337. 
M26 is 30% larger than the T337 M9.  It is often used for low vigour cultivars like Honey Crisp, and certain cider varieities. 
M7 is considered a semi dwarf tree, 50% larger than an M9.
MM111, MM106, and B118 rootstocks are semi standard, offering a tree that is 90% that of a standard seedling, but offer some vigour control and percosity.
Tree spacings vary depending on soil types, cultivars and tree training methods.  Contact us for information on spacing and rootstock selection.